Dress Code

Linda Vista Dress Code


Linda Vista is a uniform school.  All children are expected to be in full uniform Monday through Friday.  One day a month will be designated as a non-uniform/free dress day.  The Linda Vista uniform consists of:

  • Khaki pants, shorts, skorts, jumpers or skirts.   Navy blue pants, shirts and skirts are not part of the uniform.
  • White or royal blue polo shirts or Linda Vista t-shirt.  White or royal blue shirts with a full collar are also acceptable. 
  • Royal blue sweatshirts or sweaters.
  • No restrictions on jacket colors at this time. 

Girls' Tops

White or Royal Blue Blouses with Collar, polo style or long sleeve/turtle necks.

Girls' Bottoms

Royal Blue or khaki V-neck jumper, khaki shorts, skorts, pants.

Boys' Tops

White or Royal Blue polo style shirts.

Boys' Bottoms

Khaki Pants or Shorts


Royal Blue Linda Vista T-Shirts may be worn by both boys and girls.